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Layer Count: 2-14 Layers

Products Type:

HF (High Frequency) & RF (Radio Frequency) board, Impedance controlled board ,

HDI board, BGA & Fine Pitch board, Heavy Copper board ( up to 7 OZ)



Laminate:  FR4 (SHENGYI  S1141)

HF material: Rogers, Taconic, Arlon

High TG material: SHENGYI / S1170, ITEQ / IT180 and related PP

Halogen Free material:  SHENGYI / S1155 / S1165

Solder Mask: Taiyo PSR 2000/4000

Plating Chemistry: ROHM & HASS


Surface Finish:

Leaded HAL, Lead free HAL, ENIG, OSP (Entek), Immersion Tin,

Immersion Silver, Hard Gold(50u")


Selective Surface Treatment:

ENIG + OSP, ENIG + Gold Fingers, Immersion Silver + Gold Fingers,

Immersion Tin + Gold Fingers


Technical Specification

Min. Trace Width/Space: 3/3mil (outer layer, finished copper 30um), 2.5/2.5mil(inner layer, 1/3 or 1/2 OZ)

Min. Hole Size: 0.15mm/6mil (mechanical drill), 0.1mm/4mil (laser drill)

Min. Annular Ring: 4mil

Min. Distance Between Layers: 2mil

Max. Finished Copper Thickness: 7 OZ

Max. Finished Board Size: 600X800mm / 23.5"*32.5"

Finished Board Thickness: Double Sided: 0.2-7.0mm / 0.008"-0.28", Multilayer: 0.40-7.0 mm / 0.016"-0.28",

Min. Solder Mask Bridge: ≥0.08mm

Aspect ratio: 16:1

Plugging Vias Capability: 0.2-0.8mm


Tolerance :

Plated holes Tolerance: ±0.075mm (min.±0.05)
Non-plated hole tolerance: ±0.05mm (min+0/-0.05mm or +0.05/-0mm)
Outline Tolerance: ±0.1mm(mils±0.05-0.075mm)


Functional Test:

Insulation Resistance: 50 ohms (standard)
Peel Off Strength: 1.4N/mm
Thermal Shock Test: 280 degrees F, 20 seconds
Solder Mask Hardness: ≥6H
E-Test Voltage: 10V-250V
Warp and Twist: ≤0.7%