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8 layer 1+6+1 HDI Prototype
8 layer 1+6+1 HDI Prototype


HDI Parameter 

Tapes of HDI:              1+N+1 HDI
Number of Layers 8 layer
Min line width/space:     2mil/2mil 
Min mechanical drilling hole diameter:   8mil(0.20mm) 
Min liser drill diameter:     3mil(0.075mm) 
Blind hole's Aspect Ratio:  1:1 
Surface Finishing:    OSP, ENIG
SolderMask Green
PeelableMask Thickness≥ 0.3mm
Outline profile  CNC Routing. V-CUT.   
Tolerance Outline: ± 0.1mm/NPTH: ± 0.05mm/PTH/Hole position: ± 0.075mm/V-CUT: ± 0.1mm
Min Registration between layers ± 3mil(± 0.076mm)
Twist and Bow Follow IPC-A-600G Spec: 0.7%{max}
Testing Impedance testing Open/short testing/Universal testing/Flying-prob